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3.5.2 – 12/10/2015
– Price misalignment with logged out users
– Ad description TinyMCE text area width
– Attachments sorting
– Missing “Your ad has been approved” email notification
– Ad and membership packs not being ordered correctly
– PHP Warning in customizer on PHP 5.3 or older: “PHP warning: Invalid argument supplied for “foreach() in …/customizer.php” on line 548″
– Missing Bank Transfer instructions during checkout
– Featured slider not scrolling automatically
– Header background color not working in customizer
– Missing HTML formatting in Ad content
– Hide comments bubble on posts with the ‘Allow Comments’ option unchecked
– Categories dropdown in site header misaligned and shorter then search field
– Lost user password after edit profile
– Added support for Google reCaptcha v.2.0
– Categories and sub-categories selection is restored on checkout when user navigates to the first step
– Added lightbox to single post image thumbnail
– Stopped registering deprecated db tables (fixes missing table issues when doing database repairs)
– Deleted legacy file ‘custom-sample.css’

3.5.1 – 09/01/2015
– Double password fields showing on registration page/reset password/edit profile pages (after WP 4.3 update)
– Missing minus/plus images in users dashboard (only used on small screens)
– Minor CSS issues
– There’s now only one password field in registration, profile and reset password pages (WP 4.3 or later)

3.5 – 8/13/2015
– Content advertising not showing on search results and category/taxonomy pages
– Some transient notices not being deleted from the DB
– Fatal error updating comments on the backend
– Expired ads showing on ‘Popular Ads Today’ and ‘Popular Ads Overall’ widgets
– Listings thumbnails extra padding making descriptions collapse
– Registration link visible in the top navigation menu even when registration was disabled
– Delete all Ads related meta and attachments when Ad is deleted or expires
– Empty price on ‘Membership Packs’ price modifier column
– General responsive related issues
– CSS stylings for AppThemes payment gateways
– Fatal error when saving comments on the backend

– Replaced link for choosing categories with a dropdown on ‘Post Ad’ form (reverted to v.3.3 behavior)
– Added the category to single posts breadcrumb
– Updated Facebook widget to latest version
– Front page ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Random’ Ads are now loaded on demand (better performance on front page)
– Moved appearance related settings to the WordPress customizer page
– Removed obsolete ‘Table Width’ option previously located under ClassiPress > Settings > (tab) Advanced
– Moved ‘Custom Urls’ option previously located under ‘ClassiPress > Settings > (tab) Advanced’ to the permalinks section
– Moved ‘Importer’ sub-menu item from ClassiPress menu to ‘Ads’ menu
– Moved ‘Forms’ and ‘Custom Fields’ sub-menu items from ClassiPress menu to ‘Ads’ menu
– Replaced all image icons with font icons (better performance overall)
– Removed shadows and borders for a more modern flatter look
– Sub-category list is no longer “fixed” to sidebar and it’s now a widget (provides option to display sub-categories using a dropdown)
– Updated calendar CSS styling used in Ads meta boxes (also replaced calendar image based icon with WordPress dashicon)
– Replaced backend images with WordPress dashicons where used
– All backend pages are now fully responsive
– Replaced backend attachments metabox with WordPress builtin media browser (attachments meta box is now responsive)
– Replaced the ads excerpt breakpoint ‘…’ with a ‘[..]‘ link, that links to the ad page
– Ad excerpts now default to ’25′ words limit instead of previous ’160′ characters limit
– Replaced forms step images with vectors
– New Orders will now display more detailed descriptions
– Use minified versions of main CSS and Javascript files when available
– Use the minified version of the ‘easing’ Javascript library
– Deprecated ‘black’ versions of color schemes (use the new background color options on WP Customizer for the same effect)
– Deleted obsolete images from images folder
– Removed legacy css from stylesheets
– Replaced old placeholder images with new version
– Increased container page width from 940px to 960px
– Performance enhancements, clean up, and responsive added to the featured images slider
– Memberships whose Orders are deleted from the database are now automatically canceled (not recommended)
– Deprecated Cufón fonts option
– Deleting an ad will now delete all related meta and attachments
– Better checkout experience with checkout steps visible on every step of the ad posting process

– Added options to change footer and columns width in WP Customizer
– Added options to change site header and background color in WP Customizer
– Added new ‘Orders’ page to the user dashboard (displays all the orders for the dashboard user and these can be filtered by status)
– Added CSS stylings for ‘Critic’ plugin (https://marketplace.appthemes.com/plugins/critic/)
– Added ‘https’ support for Google ‘re-Recaptcha’
– Added support for the ‘’ link in blog posts ( displays ‘Continue Reading…’ )
– Added ‘Add-ons’ sub-menu (browse our marketplace add-ons directly from the backend)
– Added support for retina/hdpi images where applicable
3.4.1 – 4/24/2015
-lost category dropdown on the listing first step
-potential XSS add_query_arg() vulnerability

-added ‘cp_order_checkout_step_register_to’ filter hook
-responsive admin settings layout (except custom form and field pages)
-updated screenshot.png to new look

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