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Appthemes Clipper 1.6.2 WordPress Coupon Theme

1.6.2 – 12/10/2015

– Coupons added through the backend immediately expiring if expiration date was left empty
– Lost user password after edit profile
– Fatal error: Call to undefined method when go to edit comment on blog post edit page in wp-admin

– Coupons expiration date is no longer a required field
– Deprecate use of APP_View_Page::_get_id()
– Change widgets names to ‘Theme Name Widget Title’
– Added ‘app-require-updater’ theme support
– WordPress 4.4 compatibility
1.6.1 – 08/26/2015

– Fixed: Double password fields showing on registration page/reset password/edit profile pages (after WP 4.3 update)
– There’s now only one password field in registration, profile and reset password pages (WP 4.3 or later)

1.6 – 4/29/2015

– Fixed: Comments feed for single coupon page
– Fixed: Issue where files was uploaded even if failed checks
– Fixed: Entities in store name returned via ajax store suggest
– Fixed: Deprecated notice about like_escape() in ajax store suggest
– Fixed: Issue with sending out emails when in the ‘From’ field a Yahoo or AOL email address is used
– Fixed: Issue with not displaying errors in user edit profile page
– Fixed: No edit coupon link in email when coupon created by guest
– Fixed: Locking site when backend access option is set to disable
– Fixed: RSS social icon does not work
– Fixed: PDF is uploaded even if it is not allowed
– Fixed: The ampersand “&” will show as “&” in the autosuggest
– Fixed: “Email Coupon to A Friend” not a live link
– Fixed: Correct errors returned by W3C Validator
– Fixed: Click counter does not increment on Print Coupon button
– Fixed: Structure Data Hentry Markup Errors
– Fixed: Register link in header when registration disabled
– Fixed: Update legacy orders information
– Fixed: When coupon removed from wp-admin, related items not being removed
– Fixed: Misc minor fixes/improvements
– Fixed: SEO Footer link
– Fixed: Admin font size bug
– Fixed: Potential XSS Vulnerability
– Rewritten ‘share coupon’, ‘edit coupon’, and ‘renew coupon’ forms
– Deprecated functions: clpr_do_coupon_form(), clipper_coupon_form(), clpr_show_coupon_form(), clpr_update_listing()
– Added: More server side validation to coupon forms
– Added: Compatibility with Contact Form 7 plugin
– Added: Validate store and affiliate URLs
– Added: Mark coupon as featured via quick edit
– Added: WYSIWYG Editor for Stores
– Added: Related Coupons Widget
– Added: “Search Index” to improve performance of search queries
– Added: Setup ApiGen – document functions and classes
– Added: Location param into before/after sidebar hooks
– Added: Option “Direct Link” to choose outgoing links behaviour (redirect to destination URL or popup window with actions)
– Added: Replace logo option with ‘custom-header’ theme support
– Added: Importer – add link to example CSV file
– Added: Redirect users to frontend form when trying to add/edit coupon from wp-admin
– Added: Add filter by coupon type and category into admin coupons list
– Added: Add “Hide unreliable coupons” option to widgets
– Added: Add-ons MP module
– Changed: Responsive layout for Admin settings and Clipper Dashboard
– Changed: Migrate to Dynamic Checkout
– Changed: Use taxonomy columns generated by WP
– Changed: Update ZeroClipboard JS library
– Changed: Change wp-admin security check to redirect
– Changed: Rewrite widgets to use APP_Widget class
– Changed: Use ‘widgets’ component
– Changed: Remove functional code from user dashboard template
– Changed: Use user display name instead of login
– Changed: Rewrite metaboxes to use APP_Meta_Box class
– Changed: Deprecate unused functions

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