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HireBee is a freelance marketplace theme for WordPress. Employers post projects and freelancers start the bidding. You setup the pricing plans and take a cut of each project. It’s easy to monetize any niche by providing a crowdsourced project matchmaking service!

Sites like Elance, Freelancer, oDesk, and 99designs and perfect examples of this type of successful model.

1.3 – 01/06/2015
– Projects clarification section sometimes kept open for comments while project was not active
– Listings not being sorted correctly on some sorting items
– Projects with endless duration defaulting to the default duration set in the settings page
– No permissions for canceling/editing/deleting non published projects
– Display image thumbnail on ‘Recent Projects’ widget (project must have an image attached – first image uploaded is set as the featured image)
– Search icon on sidebar search bar being duplicated in IE
– Number of Sub-Categories option in customizer not working correctly
– Addons included in plans being ignored
– When logged out and a wrong password was entered message was always “You are now logged out.”
– Radio buttons in custom forms allowing more then one checked option
– Freelancers work actions not available (e.g: View Workspace) when ‘Escrow’ disabled
– 404 error with non-admin users when posting a project with moderation enabled
– Error ‘Fatal Error: Class APP_Paypal not found’ on theme activation
– On registration, redirect users to dashboard instead of frontpage
– External links (Facebook, Twitter, etc) are now opened on a new browser tab
– Project orders email notification sent to admins now links back to the order page instead of the project page
– Site owners can now access all workspace information for employers and freelancers from the related order or dispute page
– Footer widgets titles not showing up to visitors
– Deleted bundled ‘jQuery Validate’ library. Uses library provided by AppThemes framework instead
– Deleted unused ‘jQuery Colorbox’ library
– Added option to disable optional header area from the ‘Customizer’ page
– Disputes are now available for cases where the freelancer completes the work but the employer cancels or closes the project as incomplete (Admin > Escrow > Disputes)
– Allow choosing the number of valid days for opening a dispute after the project is canceled/marked incomplete (Admin > Escrow > Disputes)
– Allow choosing which budget types (fixed price or/and per hour) are enabled (Admin > Projects > Budget)
– Allow changing the number of allowed skills (Admin > Projects > Skills)
– Allow choosing which location types (remote and/or local) are enabled (Admin > Projects > Location)
– Allow hiding proposals quotes (amount/message) from other users ( Admin > Proposals > Visibility)
– Added new ‘Urgent’ option to ‘Sort By’ select box (displays only urgent projects)
– Added new option to the customizer to disable the optional header area

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