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1.3.3 – 08/26/2015
– Duplicate field showing on registration form after WP 4.3
– Project moderation approval notification not being sent
– Project duration validation check allowing empty values when javascript validation was disabled
– Inaccurate category counts on frontend
– There’s now only one password field in registration, profile and reset password pages (WP 4.3 or later)

1.3.2 – 06/10/2015
– Dropdowns opening automatically when viweing all projects on user dashboard
– File upload requirements only being considered when media browser was opened for the first time (on post submission)
– Workspace title link not linking to single project page
– Option selected in “Show x results per page” filter being ignored on user dashboard
– Employers receiving two emails (“project x was published” and “project x was updated”) when a project was submitted
– PayPal payment loop during escrow payments
– Edited proposals being displayed as messages on the clarification board
– Custom file upload fields ignoring file size limits set on the settings page
– ‘No ratings yet’ text being cut off on small screens
– Known WordPress XSS vulnerability with ‘add_query_arg()’ and ‘remove_query_arg()’
– ‘Twitter’ was misspelled
– Unecessary JS files loading on the frontpage
– Skills and rate per hour fields being displayed to employers on the edit profile page
– Freelancers search not returning any results for users that changed their display name
– Visitors able to post on a project clarification board
– 125×125 widgets content not being saved properly
– Projects relisting process being “stuck” on the preview step, when ‘Charging for Projects’ disabled
– Relisted projects always waiting for moderation, independently of the ‘Moderate Projects’ option
– Better support for SEO in page titles
– Free credits are now given to employers only if the option ‘General > Shared Roles Capabilites’ is enabled
– Sort categories and skills alphabetically on project submission form
– Load minified versions of javascript and CSS files (faster page loads)
– Deleted unused ‘colorbox’ folder
– Removed empty lines and spaces from ‘admin.css’ file (results in smaller file)
– Improved tooltips and descriptions in backend settings pages
– Backend project listings and order columns are now responsive
– Removed ‘::’ from widget titles
– Allow selecting users display names in edit profile page, using dropdown (mimics WordPress backend display names dropdown)
– Replaced ‘get_the_excerpt()’ with ‘the_excerpt()’ on the front page for better compatibility with plugins that rely on ‘the_excerpt()’, like ‘StarStruck’
– Added button for direct access to a project workspace from the single project page
– Added new ‘Add-ons’ menu sub-item for quick browsing of the AppThemes Marketplace
– Added new ‘Security’ tab with options to disable backend access

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