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1.3.5 – 2016-01-15
– Clarification board not working correctly with message: Sorry, comments are closed for this item
– Missing metabox fields on edit job backend
– Protocols in the social and AppThemes links
– Added User Nickname on edit profile form, fixed WordPress 4.4 incompatibility
– User password changes without request from the user
– Some incompatibilities with new PHP7

1.3.4 – 12/10/2015
– Typo in “Your applying to this project. Proceed?”
– Freelancers that worked on a canceled/re-opened project were able to edit their previous proposal
– Projects statuses dropdown in user dashboard not showing all available statuses
– Monthly automatic credits offer not working correctly
– Same description being displayed in ‘Free Credits’ and ‘Free Monthly Credits’ options
– Lost user password after edit profile
– Different color and typeface on search dropdown in main page and single project page
– Added compatibility for WP 4.4
– Main stylesheet is not minified anymore

1.3.3 – 08/26/2015
– Duplicate field showing on registration form after WP 4.3
– Project moderation approval notification not being sent
– Project duration validation check allowing empty values when javascript validation was disabled
– Inaccurate category counts on frontend
– There’s now only one password field in registration, profile and reset password pages (WP 4.3 or later)

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