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Vantage Changelog for 1.3.2 – 2014-02-07

Fixed currency identifier
Fixed Password Strength meter on user profile page
Fixed validation of listing and addons duration for recurring pricing plans
Fixed issue with duplicate items in breadcrumb
Fixed issue with Pricing plan titles
Fixed issues with Events date format
Fixed issues with Events navigation by months
Fixed issues with ajax calls when ‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’ defined
Fixed issue with map zoom when map contained one marker
Fixed issue with printing single listing/event page
Fixed issue where listing author was not able to view listing when it was expired
Fixed issue with uploading images to listing and events from backend
Fixed issue with possible update of Vantage theme by WP Updater to different one
Fixed issue with selecting template for new page in WP Admin
Fixed error when user claiming listing and ‘charge for listings’ option is disabled
Fixed admin menu icons on WP 3.8
Fixed link colors on single event page
Fixed duplicated elements ID in menu
Fixed price tag styling in events create form
Fixed appearing ‘test’ string in checkout process
Fixed Strict Standards errors
Fixed deprecated function call wp_convert_bytes_to_hr() in Importer
Fixed use of deprecated jquery .live() method
Fixed notices when listing have no geo coordinates
Fixed undefined constant notice on theme install/update
Fixed undefined index notices on Network Admin
Corrected misspelled word ‘still’ in PayPal processing orders
Added missing sidebar hooks, appthemes_before_sidebar_widgets() and appthemes_after_sidebar_widgets()
Added feature to ping ‘update services’ while publish listing and events
Added option to disallow access to WP Admin
Moved jQuery Validation messages to theme localization file
Introduced functions to obtain class instances
Changed default user role to Contributor
Removed unused 1140.css stylesheet
Removed .BMP from supported image types

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