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2016.07.07 – version 1.1.2
* Tweak – Set the cent value of an order’s total as the event value of the ‘completed purchase’ and ‘completed payment’ events
* Fix – Avoid fatal errors when another plugin includes the Google Client API

2016.06.22 – version 1.1.1
* Tweak – Avoid most Quota Errors when loading the plugin’s settings page
* Tweak – Make product impression parameters filterable to allow sites to bypass the Google Analytics request limit
* Tweak – Tracking parameters are now filterable
* Fix – Product impressions are now triggered on the single product page for the product
* Fix – Ensure the Checkout Behavior report is properly populated by utilizing funnel steps correctly
* Fix – Ensure product categories are tracked in the correct format expected by Google Analytics
* Fix – Avoid undefined index notices that could occur with some themes
* Fix – Ensure offsite gateways are not tracked as referrers by Google AdWords
* Fix – Better handling of errors thrown by the Google Analytics PHP client
* Fix – Use the item’s total rather than the product’s price when tracking purchases
* Fix – Address deflated bounce rates by ensuring certain events are tracked as non-interaction events

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