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Woocommerce Product Add-ons v2.7.20


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With the Woocommerce Product Add-ons extension, gift messages, donations, laser engraving and any other product which may require user input in some way is now an option for your customers!

Product add-ons supports require fields, textarea, checkboxes, selectboxes and file uploads.

Add-ons can be added from the edit product page – they can be named described, re-ordered and optionally given prices which will automatically be added to the product price if chosen by the customer.

Once set up they will appear on products just above the add to cart form:

Add-ons add to cart form

2016.07.07 – version 2.7.20
* Tweak – Load frontend CSS with wp_enqueue_script hook instead of get_header

2016.06.14 – version 2.7.19
* Fix – Product addons not applying to grouped products when using global addons.

2016.05.26 – version 2.7.18
* Tweak – Adjusts the ‘Product Data’ icon to use Dashicons
* Fix – Ensure compatibility with bookings where the price was not affected by the cost multiplier.

2016.04.04 – version 2.7.17
* Fix – Options total/grand total does not work with “Free” product.
* Fix – Missing minified quickview.js.

2016.03.20 – version 2.7.16
* Fix – When fields are not required and left empty, prevented add to cart from working.
* Fix – Compatibility with Subscriptions title when addon is present.
* Tweak – Compatibility with Composite Products.
* Tweak – Clear addon fields when clear variations link is clicked.
* Tweak – Using custom multiplier if zero is entered, don’t show addons in cart.
* Update – POT file.
* Remove – accounting.js file in favor of using the one that comes with WC core.

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