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2016.07.07 – version 2.0.14
* Fix – Export unpaid commissions triggered an error.
* Fix – Vendor user first and last name not showing in the support form emails.
* Fix – Change load order of text domain so all strings can be translated.
* Fix – Email templates were not being overridden.

2016.06.28 – version 2.0.13
* Update – When registered user is applying to be a vendor, set their role to pending vendor.
* Fix – Vendor switcher is not showing on the admin bar.

2016.06.07 – version 2.0.12
* Add – Total earned commission in the vendors report.
* Add – Admin toolbar menu items for vendors such as add product.
* Fix – Commission number formatting.

2016.06.03 – version 2.0.11
* Fix – Commission logic when it is fixed amount, it would incorrectly account for only one quantity.
* Add – Allow vendors to manage users as an option.
* Add – Bookings global availability options are now available to vendors.

2016.05.16 – version 2.0.10
* Fix – Store admin was not able to see bookable product ( regression from last update ).

2016.05.15 – version 2.0.9
* Fix – Typo on vendor level commission setting which causes commission not to match.
* Fix – Order generate commission action filter overriding 3rd party actions.
* Fix – Vendor dashboard no longer shows when vendor resets password.
* Fix – Vendors were not able to upload media.
* Fix – Per product shipping not returning rate when used on variable product parent level.
* Fix – Vendors can still add bookable product when their account has bookings disabled.
* Fix – Vendor name in 2 byte characters would cause vendor dashboard not to show.

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