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Woocommerce Stamps.com XML File Export v2.1.1


Woocommerce Stamps.com XML File Export v2.1.1

Time is money – sounds reasonable, right? That’s why automation is a beautiful thing, and what the Stamps.com Exporter will do for you. Automate your order formatting in order to bring your WooCommerce Orders into Stamps.com! This extension allows you to directly import orders into the Stamps.com Desktop Client (not the web-based client) in XML format rather than formatting order information by hand so that you save time and money. Make printing your shipping labels via Stamps.com faster and more efficient!

This extension exports XML files for import in batch mode and requires the Stamps.com Windows desktop client to deliver these awesome time-saving benefits.

*** WooCommerce Stamps.com Changelog ***

2014.02.24 – version 2.1.1
* Tweak – Customs information is now included by default for any non-US order
* Fix – US and UK country names are now standardized properly

2014.01.20 – version 2.1
* Feature – You can now select restrict exported orders by custom order statuses
* Tweak – The full country name is used instead of the country code
* Misc – Internal refactoring to improve stability and performance
* Misc – WooCommerce 2.1 compatibility
* Misc – Uses SkyVerge Plugin Framework
* Localization – Text domain changed from `wc-stamps-com` to `woocommerce-stamps-com`

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